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Preparing Your Home For Fall

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Preparing Your Home For Fall


Fall Tips for Your Air Conditioner

Fall is here and what a great time of year it is! There are AC tips that can help you insure you get the most from your energy saving features and efficiencies of your air conditioning and heating systems during this season. The following A/C tips below will help you to get the most from your air conditioning and heating systems during the changing seasons.

Time Change to change your Thermostat Settings

When the clocks change with Daylight Savings Time this fall, remember to change your thermostat too. With the cooler temperatures at night, it is a great time to open the windows and adjust your temperature to your personal comforts and needs.

Check You Heater Ahead of Time

It doesn’t always happen, but it isn’t unusual for there to be a ‘burn smell’ when you turn on the heat for the first time. Don’t be alarmed. The smell is from dust that has settled on top of the heating coils and elements. The smell should disappear quickly. If your heating unit doesn’t come on, you can easily schedule an appointment with Beachside A/C trained and licensed Technicians.

Seal Those Ducts

Studies have found that 10%-30% of heated or cooled air escapes from ducts. It could pay to have your technician test your duct system for fall.

Change the Air Flow on Your Ceiling Fans

Yes, there is a proper air flow setting that you should adjust your ceiling fans to for hot or cold weather.

During the hot months, the air flow on your ceiling fans should be set to a clockwise spin. This pushes the cool air down.

During the fall and winter months, you want the opposite. Set your ceiling fans to a counter-clockwise spin. This causes the heat to be drawn up towards the ceiling and then distributed throughout the room.

Both settings will help to run your AC as efficiently as possible.

Many manufacturers offer models with ceiling fan remotes that will have a button to reverse the fan blade direction. If your ceiling fan does not have a handheld remote or wall control, you should be able to find a direction switch on the motor house. Generally you push the switch down for downward airflow in the summer. You push the switch up in the winter for an upward airflow.

Clean and Repair A/C Filters

Cleaning and repairing you’re A/C filters is something you should be doing regularly, regardless of the time of year. You should replace your air conditioner filter every month. If you keep this as a regular scheduled chore you will keep you’re A/C running at its optimum efficiency and you will also keep your indoor air quality at its highest levels. The benefits are cleaner air and less allergies and sinus problems.

Schedule a Service / Maintenance Inspection

Don’t forget that Beachside A/C offers year round air conditioning maintenance services. Make sure you are ready for the cooler months and schedule a service check-up today.