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Be Prepared for the Summer Heat!

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Be Prepared for the Summer Heat!

As the weather along the Emerald Coast continues to heat up, homeowners will be spending more of their household budget to keep their home cool and comfortable. If you have an older home or an older air conditioning unit, you may save money long term if you replace the entire system. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency and ENERGY STAR, a heating or cooling unit that is more than 10 years old  is significantly less energy efficient and economical than the newer Energy Star and SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) rated models

You might want to consider replacing your air conditioning system if :

·         The unit is more than 10 years old

·         Needs frequent repairs

·         Is Noisy

·         The temperature of your home varies from room to room

·         Your home scores less than a “five” on Energy Star’s YARDSTICK tool, which compares the energy consumption of similar homes.

The YARDSTICK tool is an easy way for homeowners to gauge the energy efficiency of their unit. The online tool simply measures the effectiveness of your heating and cooling unit against similar aged and sixed homes. In order to use the program, you’ll need to log on to the YARDSTICK page and have some simple information about your home readily available for reference:

·         Your zip code

·         Square footage

·         Full time occupants

·         List of all the fuels used to heat and cool your home (electricity, natural gas)

·         The last 12 months of utility bills

Once you plug the information into the calculator, the program will evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. If your home scores less than a 5 (out of 10), you may want to consider replacing the entire system. The highly trained and NATE certified technicians at Beachside Air Conditioning can also evaluate your unit and recommend replacement options for your home.  You can schedule a complimentary estimate appointment online or over the phone.

While the upfront costs of replacing an old air conditioning unit can be significant, most homeowners recoup the expense after a few years. Additionally, there are both government and manufacturer incentive programs that can significantly reduce the cost of your unit. Currently, Beachside Air Conditioning is offering customers Carrier Infinity or Performance Series System air conditioning unit. Both The Infinity and Performance Systems have high SEER ratings are exceptionally energy efficient models for residential use.  You can expect warmer temperatures along the Emerald Coast to run well into September, so it’s not to0 late to start seeing some savings on your energy bill. Call or click today to schedule an appoint to have your system evaluated.