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Air Conditioning Repair

When hot and humid temperatures hit Santa Rosa Beach, The last thing you want to deal with is a broken-down air conditioner. Beachside Air Conditioning takes the stress out of dealing with your AC problems with fast service and also affordable repairs. We care about our customers and also their well-being – that’s why we offer convenient appointments. There’s no reason you should have to suffer through one night without comfortable, cool air in your home. Beachside Air Conditioning is just a phone call away from assisting with your air conditioning repair.

Quality AC Repair Santa Rosa Beach, FL

With upfront pricing and also excellent workmanship, we are ready to help with all of your HVAC repair needs. We cover it all – from quick fixes to major repairs. Our repair vehicles are stocked and loaded to finish your repair on the spot. We stay up-to-date on the latest advances in technology so we can offer our customers the best solution to their air conditioning or heating problem. Therefore call Beachside Air Conditioning for same-day service.

Quality Santa Rosa Beach HVAC Repair

Living in a coastal area can create unique challenges for air conditioners.  As time passes, the salty air can cause your Home Comfort Systems condenser to corrode.  The corrosion causes your system to run less efficiently and increases your energy bills.  Preventative measures can be taken to help deal with this issue. 

There are several ways that you can help prevent corrosion buildup on your condenser unit.  A mist barrier on the waterside of your condenser unit will help reduce the amount of salty air that makes it to your unit.  Another way to help prevent corrosion is to wash the unit down regularly with fresh water.  The more frequently you do this, the better.  Monthly or even quarterly can therefore help extend the life of your unit. 

Expert AC and Heating Repairs Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Some products on the market can help remove salt buildup.  Research the products well before deciding on one and remember that you may have to do quarterly or annual reapplications to continue protecting your unit.  Protect yourself against unneeded AC and heating repairs.

Corrosion Protection – Air Conditioning Repair Santa Rosa Beach, FL

An industrial-strength coating can be applied to your unit by professionals.  These coatings add a very thin layer of material that is corrosion-resistant.  Too thick of an application can impede the thermal capacity of your coil.  You can also have a condenser unit installed with a copper coil.  This increases the replacement cost of your Home Comfort System.  Although copper will still corrode, it does it at a much slower rate.  Unfortunately, not all makes and models of air conditioners come with copper coil options and therefore will most likely run twice the price of aluminum ones. 

There is no way to stop corrosion from happening to your condenser unit completely, but you can help prolong its life.  Some of the suggestions above can be done by the homeowner, but others need to be done by professionals.  That’s where Beachside Air Conditioning can help.  Our trained techs can help prolong the life of your coastal AC unit.  Give us a call and let us explain some of the options available to our customers. 

Planned HVAC Maintenance

Keeping your Home Comfort System well maintained is vital in ensuring that it performs consistently and also provides reliable comfort all year long.  Planned Maintenance on your system should be performed annually to help prevent costly breakdowns or malfunctions during the height of the heating or cooling season. 

Planned Maintenance is most effective when performed annually.  Beachside Air Conditioning recommends that you schedule maintenance for your Home Comfort System in the early spring for the cooling system and also in the fall for your heating system.

There are many benefits to Planned Maintenance.  The efficiency of your Home Comfort System will be improved.  A well-maintained system that is kept in good shape and properly adjusted will not overwork itself.  It will make the best use of the fuel and electricity that it consumes, which will decrease your monthly utility costs while also maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.  Keeping your system fitted with newer components will reduce the likelihood of your Home Comfort System breaking down and therefore malfunctioning. 

Heating Repair Near Me

At Beachside Air Conditioning we know that a properly working heating system is imperative when our homes get chilly. Although winters are mild in Santa Rosa Beach, FL our heating systems are still an important part of our HVAC systems. If you are in need of heating repair we are your #1 local heating system repair company in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Call us for your heating repair today.

Qualified HVAC Services – AC Repair Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The trained and NATE Certified technicians at Beachside Air Conditioning would ensure that your Home Comfort System is well maintained and also ready to withstand the hot Florida summers.  Call the #1 air conditioning maintenance company on the Emerald Coast for all of your Home Comfort System needs. 

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