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So what do you do to get ready for the heatwave?

Summertime is almost here, and before it gets too warm it may be time to make sure you’re ready for the hot Florida weather.

While the Florida panhandle is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the world, the emerald water and sandy beaches are not going to help your home stay cool during those scorching hot days of summer.
So what do you do to get ready for the heatwave?
– First, change your filters in your heating/cooling system. make sure to check and change them regularly, at least monthly.

– The next thing is to change your thermostat over […]

Indoor Air Quality

The air that we breathe in our homes is very important to our health, and if you think that the air inside your home is the safest air to inhale … You may be very surprised.  When you hear the words “air pollution”, most people tend to think of smug, auto pollution, factory smoke and other pollutants that are so widely known and publicized.  However, according to most experts, indoor air is some of the most heavily polluted and extremely dangerous to our health if left unmanaged.  Leading researchers have found that the air inside of your home may […]

8 Ways a Dirty Air-Conditioner Affects Your Family’s Health

The air filter in your air conditioning system cleans the air that the system blows into your home. If replaced or cleaned regularly, your system will run more efficiently, your family, and pets will breathe cleaner air. If not maintained properly, your system may cool your home tolerably, but in actuality may be contaminating the air.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculated that we spend as much as 90 percent of our time indoors. However, because today’s homes have been well insulated and wrapped air tight in an effort to lower energy use, they can also keep airborne problems inside […]

Tips for Clean and Healthy Indoor Air

Indoor air can be five times worse in quality than outdoor air. Still many of us spend almost 90% of our time indoors. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that poor indoor air can cause or heighten asthma, allergies (and other respiratory problems), headaches, irritations to the eyes and skin, colds and flues, sore throats and even memory loss, dizziness, fatigue and depression. If there is extended exposure to toxic airborne particles the effects can include heart disease, respiratory disease, reproductive disorders, sterility and even cancer.

Here are a few of the tips from the American Lung Association that […]

Fall Maintenance Checkup

Its fall and the autumn nights are starting to grow chilly. It’s time to get out your fall maintenance checklist. Top on this list should be a professional furnace tune-up. A furnace system can wear itself out quickly without it being checked and cleaned annually. Or it can stop working. Or worse, according the system you have, it can pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home.

Whatever type of system you have, don’t wait until it breaks down to make that call for service.  An annual service tune-up is inexpensive (generally less than $100). It is far less expensive when […]

Preparing Your Home For Fall

Fall Tips for Your Air Conditioner
Fall is here and what a great time of year it is! There are AC tips that can help you insure you get the most from your energy saving features and efficiencies of your air conditioning and heating systems during this season. The following A/C tips below will help you to get the most from your air conditioning and heating systems during the changing seasons.
Time Change to change your Thermostat Settings
When the clocks change with Daylight Savings Time this fall, remember to change your thermostat too. With the cooler temperatures at night, it is […]

Be Prepared for the Summer Heat!

As the weather along the Emerald Coast continues to heat up, homeowners will be spending more of their household budget to keep their home cool and comfortable. If you have an older home or an older air conditioning unit, you may save money long term if you replace the entire system. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency and ENERGY STAR, a heating or cooling unit that is more than 10 years old  is significantly less energy efficient and economical than the newer Energy Star and SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) rated models
You might want to consider replacing your […]

Stay Cool This Summer

Heating and cooling coast can take a big bite out of your monthly budget. As the weather gets warmer, Emerald Coast residents are turning to their air conditioning systems to keep them cool, but you can take some simple steps to increase the efficiency of your cooling system and decrease the cost the cooling your home or business.

It’s not too late to schedule a professional cleaning and maintenance tune up. A NATE certified technician can give your unit a thorough cleaning and identify any small issues that may cause the system to run less efficiently. Catching small issues early […]

The Search for Your Neighborhood HVAC Dealer Is Over!

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The Search for Your Neighborhood HVAC Dealer Is Over!
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, April 15, 2013 – Are you looking to replace the HVAC system for your home? Do you have questions about servicing your cooling or heating unit and need expert advice? With all of the clutter and options out there, how do you take the first step in choosing a heating and cooling dealer? Well, look no further! This season, homeowners can Turn to the Experts by looking for the Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer logo for guaranteed indoor comfort.

Carrier Factory […]

Reducing the Heat in Your Home

100+ degree temperatures in the south during the summer are common place. Because of this, air conditioning is not only needed, it’s almost required. In the south, we don’t judge an air conditioner by what it looks by, but by how well it works. When an air conditioner is working at maximum efficiency, not only is it cooling the home properly, but saving you money. But how do you get your system to work more efficiently? Simply put, you need to get rid of the sources of heat in your home. While you can’t get rid of your stove, […]